Scarecrow fest ” Wizard of paws”

We are the 2019 Scarecrow Winners! We did a window display of the Wizard of Oz for the 80th Anniversary. We called it the “Wizard of Pawz!” And now we have bragging rights! It was a lot of fun! Thank you Ripon Chamber of Commerce!

Take a sneak peek at our remodeled Hospital as of October 2018.

Congratulations to the Winner of “The Guard Dog” drawing. Tami Mendel won the $400 value Dyson Vacuum. Thank you to the Merial for donating the vacuum. Thank you for everyone who participated.

Foxtail Season is here! It starts when the spring grasses and weeds starts to dry, and goes through to fall.

Foxtail plants can be risky for your pet. The barbed seed heads of the foxtail plant can work their way into any part of your dog or cat, from the nose to between the toes and inside the ears, eyes, and mouth. They can even simply dig themselves directly into a patch of skin.

Foxtails travel. Moving relentlessly forward, never back, they can migrate from inside your dog’s nose to its brain. They can dig through skin, or be inhaled traveling into a lung or migrating into the abdomen.

Embedded foxtails can cause frequent and intense sneezing, discharge, abscesses, swelling, pain, and death. If your pet has recently been exposed to overgrown grassy or weeded areas, and has any of the above symptoms, contact your veterinarian. For more information, read our blog on foxtails.

Congratulations to some of our 30th Anniversary Winners!!
We had a fun filled week. Thank you for your business!

We would like to say “Thank You” to Dr Daniels for supporting the staff with continued education. Ariele and Stephanie attended the Wild West Veterinary Conference in October. They returned with refreshed knowledge about dentistry, x-rays, zoonotic diseases, wound management, communication skills, venipuncture techniques, blood pressure monitoring, new surgical techniques, and much more. Being in a field of science and medicine, things are constantly changing. It is very important that we stay current for the animals welfare and benefit. Below are some photos of the conference along with the scenic drive.

As a team, we enjoy participating in community activities. We participated in the First Annual Scarecrow Fest. It was fun to do! If you get a chance, take a glance at the window and see our art work displayed.

So,…… How did we do? Happy Fall to All!!! (October 2014)

Many of our patients are comfortable “having a seat” while they wait. Meet “Quigley,” our 9 year old, Old English Sheepdog.

We just completed “phase two” of remodelling, in September of 2014.This phase included our exam rooms and bathroom. Take a look at the before and the after photos. There is a huge difference!


Although this room is clean and presentable, it has wood paneling, and wallpaper, which dated our appearance.


The caption reads, “When God made dogs, he spelled his name backwards.”

What a Difference!! Clean and modern complete with canvas photos of our clients pets!!

Now for the cat room,……….


We removed the wallpaper and wood paneling.

By updating the rooms, it made them appear less busy, more clean, and more open, providing a warm welcoming atmosphere.


This is a smaller room, but we continued with the same idea. A blue splash board for easy sanitation and a crisp, clean, modern look. Complete with canvas photos of our clients cats.

The caption reads, “In ancient times cats were worshiped as Gods, they have never forgotten.”


Judy Smith for being the winner of the smoker grill!!! The drawing took place on July 1, 2014 and included a gift certificate of $50 to go towards the purchase of meat. Just in time for a 4th of July BBQ!

Our doctors and staff understand that every patient has a story, and a special need. Meet Vinnie (terrier x), Bugz ( longhair Chihuahua), and Vonni (Doberman). Each of them a different breed, a different size, and a different issue. The doctors at Ripon Vet have treated them individually, helping them thrive as a family member. The three of them display gratitude for the love and care they receive.

Meet “Freckles”, an 8 week old dalmation. This is his first vet visit with us. The Doctors try to make every visit a happy and relaxing experience. “Freckles” fell asleep on the Dr. Ann’s arm while discussing diet, chew toys, and potty training. Mission accomplished!

Look at our remodeled front office completed in February 2013

The reception desk Our waiting room complete with food

When you visit, look closely at the flagCollars and leashes 100% guaranteed

Ripon is a nice community to visit or enjoy activities in

Our clients are very thoughtful, thinking of us in their spare time. This client made a complete Ripon Veterinary Hospital doll house for us! A lot of detail and time went into this project. It’s proudly displayed in our waiting room. When you visit take a look!