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“The staff at Ripon Vet are always very friendly. They’re patient with timid or difficult pets and show true concern over your pets health and well being. They kind of place that knows your name when you walk in.”
– Sarah
“Congratulations on 30 years of service – what an accomplishment! We have been clients since first moving here in 2003 and Dr. Debbie & Dr. Ann are awesome! They are compassionate, friendly and treat every pet we have had as their own. I would not go anywhere else. Wishing you many more years of business!”
– Debbie & Gerry
“Congratulations for 30 years of service in Ripon. I am a relative newcomer having been a happy user of your services for my two dogs Momi and Makana for 5 years now. Dr. Ann is our vet and I am so happy with her dedication and kindness toward me and my dogs. I appreciate all the staff and how caring and careful they are with my animals. Looking forward to many more wonderful years of care from Ripon Vet. Congratulations again!!!!”
– Linda
“I believe Ripon Vet Hospital really does treat your pet like a valued member of your family. All the employees are gentle and loving with my dogs. Dr. Ann has never tried to talk me in to something for my dogs, like cleaning their teeth, which has been my experience at every other Vet I have ever taken a dog to. I like that they have vaccination clinics. It really helps, as dog raising can be expensive. All the employees are respectful and friendly. The medical care is right on. Thank you, Ripon Vet Hospital!”
– Marsha
“Congrats and Happy 30th Anniversary!! Our first experience with Dr. Debbie and her staff was close to 13 years ago when we first brought Sammi Jo, a Boston Terrier only a few weeks old, in for her well-baby check and vaccinations. Since then, Ripon Veterinary Hospital has always provided us with exceptional service and care as our “little girl” has several congenital issues, which have led us to Cardiologists and a few U.C. Davis Specialists through the coordination of Dr. Debbie’s office. With all their help, we’ve been able to manage her life-long care. So, that is how our family feels about Dr. Debbie’s/Ripon Veterinary Hospital, but, more importantly, Sammi Jo absolutely LOVES to go say “hi” and vacation there whenever she gets the chance! Thank you, Dr. Debbie, Dr. Ann, Dr. Lindsay, Linda, Kaitlyn, Stephanie R., Stephanie D., Kacie, Sara— EVERYONE for all you have done and do for us and for so many!!”
– Brenda
“I have had animals all my life, I have been to many vets offices and this is the only place I will ever go again. The customer service from everyone, the compassion and caring they provide is very rare these days. Thanks for being so patient with my highly active and vocal lab.”
– Melissa
“Helena and I have always LOVED coming to Ripon Vet. We drive from Modesto just to see our favorite nurses and Doctors. Each time we see everyone, Helena is always treated like the little lady that she is. Plus, my friends here at the Vet always help me out by trimming Helena’s nails perfectly. Thank you my friends! We love you! Thanks Dr. Daniels for making an amazing home away from home for my baby girl.”
– Shelby W.
“I have been taking all my dogs to Deb’s for the past 30 years. Guess that says it all. Love the care, concern and friendliness shown by all.”
– Deb
“I have been going to Ripon Vet for 11 years. They are always friendly and helpful. They are great at sending reminders for needed updates for my two pet kids!! I really trust their expertise. I will continue to remain a loyal customer with them.”
– Susan Moeller
“My two poodle boys love LOVE Ripon Veterinary Hospital. We have been patients of Drs. Daniels & Scearce for nearly 5 years now. My poodles have anxiety when it comes to coming in for their vaccinations & checkups, but somehow the staff here are amazing & my boys leave the clinic happier than ever! I’m grateful for finding a veterinary hospital that I could trust & rely on.”
– Jasmine
“Opie is a cat who likes to get into scuffles. He has been in and out of Dr. Daniels’ care many times. Once she had to repair his cornea. He sees quite well now. Another time he caught a kitty flu that required him to be hospitalized to get his fluids. The team not only took great care of him, but allowed me to come and visit. I would not take my “kids” anywhere else!”
– Renee
“Thank you for all of you staff who are experts and have treated my cats with compassion. Bootsie is hanging in there at almost 19 years old. Matt, the cat, is full of vim and vinegar at 3 years old. When he entered into Bootsie and my family, Dr. Ann kept me on track about toddler and teenage “cat years”. Thankfully, Matt wasn’t actually mean, since they end up sleeping near each other every day. When, Judd died about 5 years ago. The entire staff showed their compassion to me, too. I have enclosed a Bootsie and Matt’s cat hug (In your Pictures tab, hopefully) Again, thank you! Meow!”
– Kendra Soderer
“We board our Bull Mastiff Moses with the Ripon Vet family. Most animals are afraid to go to the vet but our Mo absolutely LOVES going. Everyone treats him so well..it always makes us feel better about leaving him knowing he’s happy and cared for. =)”
– Chasity
“I can’t tell you how much i appreciate all the staff at Ripon Vet.It all starts with the girls who answer the phones. They are always kind and quick. We have never waited more than a few minutes in the well kept waiting room! The assistants in the examining room are great with all our furry kids. The Doctors are BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! Not only knowledgeable but kind and understanding! I know we will have to made a decision that is the hardest to make and know everyone there will help our worries and comfort us when needed. THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST VET HOSPITAL THERE IS!!”
– Penni Jordan
“WOW!!! 30 YEARS!
That’s awesome! We are so glad to have been part of your growth the past few years! Norton is not only our cherished family member, but also a happy, energetic, dedicated Mission-ready Search Dog with CARDA! Thank you for taking good care of us and keeping our pup healthy!”
– Sherri and Rich DellaBona
“Ripon Vet is always friendly and super helpful. Rocky is timid and can be fear aggressive, but the ladies at Ripon Vet are always very good about it. I always look forward to their magazine appointment reminders ;]”
– Nikki V.
“I had to board my pet unexpectedly but when i picked her up she was happy, had been given a bath and was wearing the cutest bandana! If she needs to be boarded in the future i will bring her back. :)”
– Nicole Proctor